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FP Productions  was started by Faizel Petersen, who has a vast background in security management, state protocol, risk management, business management, project management, events management, child & youth development as well as mentoring youth. He grew up in a family  that has a huge love for music, and with family links to the late Cape Town legends, Zayn Adam from Pacific Express and local jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim. 

Over the past few years, Faizel has developed a series of networks in various sectors that enabled him to advise businesses and NGO's on various operational aspects. Faizel has built up a team of people that has bought into his vision in development work in communities and with local artists. We therefore believe that as a company, we would be able to assist you where required. We are proudly South African and strong believers in the concept of Ubuntu. 

We wish to offer you the following: -

·     Music Partnerships (A selection of artists to choose from)

·     Exchange Programmes (For international exchange groups)

Description of our logo

  • The blue shields represents protection and a sense of guarding of   

    those we work with, against exploitation in the industry they work

  • The Tree represents growth and development of our people
  • The musical notes represents the music and musicians we aim to 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI)

As part of our CSI, we are rendering business advisory and financial management services to a youth development centre based in Manenberg. Our Managing Director, Faizel Petersen, serves on the board of directors for the Manenberg Aftercare Centre, that offers free programmes to the community of Manenberg. Faizel has been part of this centre since it's inception in October 2010. 

He assists with developing of policies, advise on programme content and has drawn up all financial management frameworks and reporting processes for the centre management. Faizel also deals with the preparation of the financials for the auditors. He assisted in getting the centre registered with the South African Revenue Services and managed to have the centre listed as a Public Benefit Organization. For more information about the Manenberg Aftercare Centre, you can go to: www.manenbergcentre.org 


Another project Faizel is involved with is Mentoring Peacebuilders South Africa, an NGO that is affiliated to the global structure called PeaceJam. PeaceJam partners with Nobel Peace Prize laureates, hosting Youth Peace Conferences in various countries around the world and in South Africa. Faizel is a non-executive board member, and serves in the capacity as a strategic business and compliance advisor. We also facilitate various workshops with schools around the Western Cape, run workshops in partnership with Chrysalis Academy, an implementation partner to the Western Cape Department of Community Safety. 

For more about this organization, please go to: www.mentoringpeacebuilders.org 

The following link is an overview of the annual South African PeaceJam Conference, coordinated by Mentoring Peacebuilders South Africa. PeaceJam South Africa Youth Leadership Conference 2019 with Nobel Peace Prize Winner - Jody Williams - YouTube 


 Faizel served as chairman for the civic based organization for the period February 2018 - February 2022. He transformed the civic based organization into an inclusive structure, that welcomes persons of all races and religious backgrounds. which it previously did not have. With his exco team, they grew their membership from a mere 30 members to close to 300 signed up members and with a digital reach of over 4900 people. Many journalists often asked his point of view on matters before council, as he spoke based on his community's actual viewpoint. He built relations with officials at local government, provincial and national government level, and was able to call national minister directly to raise matters of concern.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he raised numerous concerns with the then Mayor for the City of Cape Town, Dan Plato, and various engagements started from that point around dealing with civic matters, during a National State of Disaster. Faizel was also invited to accompany members of National Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, during an oversight visit to sites that were set up for refugees near Goodwood. Before COVID, he also engaged with various South African Police senior management structures, that lead to 28 new police officers being deployed to the Goodwood SAPS. This made a difference in terms of addressing crime in the area and covering critical shortages the area had.  Early on in his role, he invited the former Western Cape Minister of Safety and Security (now Premier of the Western Cape), Alan Winde, on a walk about with the safety structures. Mr. Winde joined the team on a Friday evening in February 2019, which was supposed to be an hour visit, ended up almost a 4 hour visit ending at 24h40 the Saturday morning. 

From left to right: Vic Barra (Monte Vista NHW Chairman), John Ross (Goodwood CPF Chairman), Faizel Petersen (GRRA Chairman), Mr. Alan Winde (MEC for Safety & Security, now Premier), Leona van Wyk (Goodwood NHW Chairperson), James Ellis (Glenwood NHW Chairman) and Lynda Smith (Tygerdal NHW Chairperson) - * These roles were based on the time of taking the photo *

Faizel and his team had a great communication stream of sharing relevant information in real time, to a point that many Ratepayers Organizations often sought permission to share information from our platforms. Due to all his commitments, Faizel stood down at the Elective AGM in 2022, creating an opportunity for other community members to lead the civic organization. 


During 2020 and 2021, Faizel was invited by the National Research Foundation of South Africa and the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, to work on the formation of the South African COVID-19 Country Report. The group was completely made up of academia, who were professors in respective fields, heads of faculty at universities across South Africa and members from strategic government departments. 

Faizel was the only non-academic who were part of the project, and selected due to his deep understanding of community in and around Cape Town, being able to liaise with people on the ground and at top government level. He formed part of the Communication Chapter, and was also one of the persons interviewed along with heads of industries and heads of government. On 20 June 2022 the First Edition of the Country Report was launched and the report presented to the Minister in the Presidency, Mr. Mondli Gungubele.